On this page you’ll find all blogs created by Thranta Squadron members on this domain. Pick one that interests you and start reading!

Red’s Artoo

This is RedFantom’s blog about his project building a Raspberry Pi-powered, half-scale R2-unit. He doesn’t have a writing schedule, but tends to put out one or two posts a month. If you’re interested in electronics and building stuff, look no further! This blog has a forum topic to go with it.

Fiction Week

This blog is, exactly as the title suggests, all about fiction! The two Self-proclaimed Fiction Addicts writing this blog would love to tell you all about what you should read and watch! If you yourself are also always out of stuff to read, you might want to consider becoming a guest writer.

Do you want one yourself?

If you want a blog too, you can contact RedFantom at and you’ll get your own blog on a subdirectory of this domain or your very own custom domain in no-time! There’s a special section on this website where you can tinker without harming anything, so you can also send a message if you just want to see what it would look like.