The after-flight interface

General components

The after-flight interface contains a few standard elements. First, top left, there are three tabs, of which the Scoreboard tab is always the first to be displayed after battle. Next to these tabs, your earnings of requisition are displayed. The score to either the left or the right is in gray, depending on your subscription status, but the ones in color are the ones to look at. Next to this, it tells you how much experience your character earned by playing. During a good game, this amount is equal to playing a heroic mission. If you have reached your level cap, no more experience will be awarded.

To the right of the experience, it shows the amount of credits you earned by playing. This , too is equal to the amount you would earn for a heroic mission. There will be zero here if you have reached your credit cap (as a non-subscriber), but the credit has actually been moved to your escrow account.

At the bottom left of the screen is the ‘exit battle’ button, though you can’t press it until ten seconds after the battle. If you want out before that, you can always press ‘esc’ to exit before the timer runs out.

Scoreboard tab

The first screen that pops up at the end of the battle is this one. Here, every player of both sides is ranked based on the amount of kills they made. Even in domination matches, this is what players are ranked on. You can manually change the way players are ranked after every match by clicking one of the other aspects scored in the table.

If you move your mouse over the numbers, a little more explanation is given. It states, for a single player, again the amount of kills, but also the amount of solo kills and the longest kill streak. For a solo kill, the player must have delivered all the damage that led to the death of the opposing player. The longest kill streak shows the highest number of kills the player managed to make before dying themselves. If players have the same amount of kills, they are not ranked according to anything, as far as the combined efforts of the Thranta Squadron Management Team can find. Other statistics that appear on this screen are the amount of assists, the amount of deaths, the total damage done to other players and objective turrets,  hit percentage, amount of objective points, and the amount of medals earned. Each of these numbers is elaborated on when scrolling over them, like it is for the amount of kills. When scrolling over the medal sign, a list of the earned medals will appear with an explanation. You get an assist for each ship you damaged that was then killed by something else, be it a fellow player, a self-destruct or a defense turret.

Performance tab

The performance tab works much like your record, as found in the hangar interface outside of battle. However, instead of keeping a tally of all the matches you’ve flown, it shows you the results for this match. Most of the numbers here can also be found on the scoreboard. Some, however, are completely new, such as the ‘damage repaired’, ‘blasters fired’, and ‘drones/mines launched’. If you flew multiple ships in the battle, this is also the place to see how many kills/assists were made with each of the different ships, since the numbers can be viewed per ship.

Earnings tab

In this tab, the amount of requisition earned is broken down for each ship you took into battle. There are several things to do in a match that make you earn more requisition, and they are neatly listed here. This does not necessarily make them the most important things to do in a match, though some of them are earned rather easily (such as the requisition earned by match completion and length of the match). It is important to note that kills and assists award the same amount of requisition. Also, the amount of requisition gained from capturing an objective in a domination match is relatively high.

The invisible MVPs

After every battle, the Most Valuable Player is decided in three categories. The categories are Damage, Assist, and Repair. If you were the player to do most damage (as found in the Scoreboard tab), you will get the invisible reward of being the Damage MVP. If you had most assists, the Assist MVP is yours. Most repairs done (this includes repairs done to self and others) will award you the Repair MVP. Since the repair score is not shown anywhere, it can be difficult to guess who gets this one. Certain medals earned may give some insight, though. Aside from counting towards achievements, all you get from earning these is bragging rights.

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