The maps

Denon Exosphere

This map is rather unique, since it is only used for domination. And even as a domination map, it is unique. It is the only domination map on which there are two spawn points, one in A1 and one in A5. These spawning points are close to satellites C and A, respectively. The enemy spawns from E1 and E5. This leaves the B satellite a long way from either spawning point, and none but the most engine-efficient scouts will reach it in one go. If B comes under heavy attack, it is also hard to get help, unless a hyperspace beacon was brought along on a Razorwire.


Kuat Mesas

Deathmatch variety

The deatmatch variety of Kuat Mesas has three spawning points for your team, namely in A1, A3 and A5. As usual, the opponent will come from the opposite side of the map from E1, E3 and E5. While the sides of this map are rather open, the inner part is a maze, especially when diving down. That brings us to the fact that this map actually has an up and a down. The tall spires and walls you fly around disappear in some grey murkiness, which represents the bottom. Luckily, gravity still has no hold over you.

Kuat TDM

Domination variety

The domination map of Kuat Mesas has only one spawning point for each team. Your team spawns in A3, while the enemy spawns in E3. If satellite C is yours, an extra spawning point will appear in A1, while a spawning point will appear in A5 when satellite A is yours. Satellite B is the closest to the standard spawning point, and usually the first to be taken by either team. After being taken, when the bombers come flying in, satellite B will turn into a right fortress where one EMP Missile or Blast may not be enough to clear everything out. A is the most open of the satellites, and therefore vulnerable to gunship attacks. For the faster ships, flying from one satellite to the other will prove no problem in this map.

Kuat DOM

Lost Shipyards

Deathmatch variety

The deathmatch variety of the Lost Shipyards provides more rocks to hide behind than any other map. Though there is a larger open space closer to the Republic half of the map, most players shouldn’t venture there. It makes for easy Gunship targets. Also, when you arrive, you are likely to not have engine power left, which turns you into a sitting duck. Otherwise, just watch out to not bump into rocks and parts of ships.

Domination variety

In the Lost Shipyards designed for domination, you will spawn from A3, while the enemy comes from E3. This ensures that most of the battle takes place around satellite B, which is closest to the standard spawning points. This satellite lies in the open, as opposed to B of Kuat Mesas, ensuring that the fight is never really over. In this map, it is C that doubles as the fortress. However, there are so many holes in this fortress that it can be overrun by a sufficient force, simply because they can then attack from different angles. Satellite A is as open as B, but there is a large construct which makes it slightly more difficult to get from A to B or the other way around very quickly. An extra spawning point will appear near the left edge of D1 when your team controls satellite C, while at the other side of the map, when you control satellite A, a spawning point will appear in B5.

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