The pre-flight interface


Communication options

The chat box in the upper left corner is now the ops chat. Before a battle, it is important to decide on a strategy. Experienced players may have one thought out beforehand, which makes this all the easier. If no-one says anything, though, the battle may be lost simply because of the lack of communication. If the match is a wargame, switching to general chat allows both teams to see what you write, so that you can wish your opponents good luck as well.

Choosing a ship and spawning

Below the list of players, which also shows what ships each player has available, you can find up to five larger icons of your own ships. Here, you can switch what ship you take into battle and review the abilities that come with them, which are shown below your line-up.

In the large map in the middle, you can see which spawning points are available to you. They appear as yellowish squares, one of which is colored green on the inside. This is the spawning point selected for you. You can always switch spawning points if more than one is available.

After choosing your ship and spawning point, you can press the ready button in the bottom right corner of the screen. When the countdown runs out, you and your ship will be launched from the spawning beacon you chose.

Keeping an eye on the opponent

The ships the opponent has available are also visible for you. Watching which ships they choose may give you an idea of what they’re going to try. You get the chance to plan accordingly, though experienced teams may switch ships en masse at the last second to throw you off. Luckily, this also works the other way around.

Return to the pre-flight interface

If you die in the game, you will be returned to this interface. You can select a ship all over again, and need to declare yourself ready to go again as well. One of the biggest differences is in the symbols in front of the player names. While first they would have looked like this:
Pre-flight icons

To indicate that the players are still waiting for the game to start, now the look like this:
In-flight icons

To show who’s still flying and who is waiting to respawn. If a player is not contributing, their symbol will be a light circle with a line through it.

Furthermore, the map is now occupied by all the players and the mines and drones they’ve dropped. You may not be able to oversee the whole map due to differing sensor ranges.

Additionally, this screen can always be called up to cover the in-flight interface by pressing M.

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