What happens in flight


If you do damage to another player, this is shown by text. Namely, the amount of damage you did is visible next to the enemy. If the text is red, it was a critical hit. Furthermore, damage may be indicated by your co-pilot. Your co-pilot will also complain when damage is done to you, though a better indicator is in the bottom left hand corner, as explained in The in-flight interface. Whenever a lot of damage has been done, a ship may give of flares. These don’t affect gameplay, but are effective visual indicators.

A player may also damage themselves by flying into things. This does not necessarily cause a self-destruct, but it can. All obstacles are damaging, except defense turrets and other player’s ships. For some reason, these are not solid and can be flown through. On a final note: be wary of the red beams in Kuat Mesas. Flying into them will cause enough damage for a self-destruct.


Never underestimate the importance of assists. They are what you get when you did damage to an opponent, but you weren’t what delivered the killing blow. The killing blow could have come from anything, be it a fellow player, a turret or the opponent’s self-destruct,  the assist is still yours. Everyone who did damage to the enemy player will get an assist added to their count. That is why there are usually more assists recorded at the end of a match than there were deaths. In a deathmatch, where the match ends after 50 kills, it is still very much possible to get, for example, a team total of 100 assists. And the nicest thing is: an assist contributes as much as a kill when it comes to earning requisition.


Whenever a player kills something, be it another player, a mine, a drone, or a defense turret, this is shown in text on the screen. Green means your team killed someone or something, red means the other team destroyed one of yours. However, only player kills count toward the ‘kills’ ranking at the end of the game. Kills of any objective may give a of a lot of smoke and thus reduce visibility. Be careful not to bump into anything.


After you die in battle, you will see an interface very similar to the pre-flight interface. You can now choose to fly a different ship into battle, while keeping an eye on the large map in the middle to see what’s happening. You can check what ships the enemy is using right then as well. Also, you can choose any spawning point available to your team. Be sure to choose the right one for you before pressing the ready button below the countdown.

Capturing a satellite

Capturing a satellite

Satellites function as points to be captured. Therefore, you can only capture points in domination matches. You can capture a satellite when the enemy has no defense turrets on the satellite, and their presence is insignificant compared to your team’s. If you’re capturing, it is important to stay close to the satellite, or the process will be stopped. To visibly indicate the process of capture, green signs will surround your ship as shown above. Capturing points gives objective points and medals.

Finding a temporary upgrade

Please refer to the explanation about team deathmatches.

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