General Announcements

Thirty days from now, it will be three years ago that we founded Thranta Squadron. Ever since, we have been trying to be an open, welcoming guild on the Imperial Faction of at first The Red Eclipse, and after the United Forces update for a short while on Darth Malgus.

It probably has not gone unnoticed that the last few months have been a quiet time, especially since the 5.5 patch. Most members have very little time, or are growing tired of the game. As Thranta Squadron Management Team, we have also suffered from a lack of time and motivation.

Instead of letting the current situation continue until everyone has left, we have rather opted to dissolve the guild. Thirty days from now, on the day of the Three-Year Anniversary of Thranta Squadron, we will cease what was left of operations. The site will be taken offline and everyone will be removed from the in-game guild. Anyone who wishes to remain an active part of the GSF Community on Darth Malgus is invited to join Vermillion Squadron. We have found them to be very friendly and open to enthusiastic players who are serious about improving their skill level.

This does not mean that we are permanently leaving the game. We will keep on playing for as long as we enjoy doing so, but we feel like we can no longer do so leading a guild, given how we cannot put in the amount of time that can be reasonably expected from anyone leading a guild.

We thank everyone who has flown with us and supported us in any capacity over the last three years. We had a great time with you guys.

Fly smooth as a Thranta!

On behalf of The Thranta Squadron Management Team,

General Announcements

Hi everyone!

The Thranta Squadron Management Team is proud to announce the founding of Neebray Squadron. This new guild is open for invites for everyone wanting to play GSF on the Republic Faction of The Red Eclipse. The guild has all ranks Thranta Squadron has, and on your invite you will be assigned the same rank as you have in Thranta Squadron.

As this initiative was sparked by @nixtadabz (Zam’fir), he is assigned the right to invite members, in a new rank called Recruiter (new ideas for a name for that rank are very welcome in the forum topic 😉 ).

We know it is a bit abrupt, but we all have to be spontaneous sometimes 🙂 .

Have fun flying!

Wing Commander of Thranta Squadron
Wing Commander of Neebray Squadron


Hi everyone!

As you may have read in the SWTOR Forums, we are organizing an event on Friday 17 June from 7PM UTC to however late you want to stay. We have also added the event to the calender, but we’re also listing the details here.

The event will, of course, be held on The Red Eclipse server, and everyone is welcome to join in on either faction! However, only the following ships are allowed: All Strike Fighters (of course 😉 ), Blackbolt/Novadive, Bloodmark/Spearpoint, Dustmaker/Comet Breaker, Decimus/Sledgehammer. If you’re going to fly on Imperial side, you can of course group up with the guild, and we’ll be using our Mumble server.

Hope to see you in space!

The Thranta Squadron Management Team

Old website

Hello everyone!

Today is the big day: Thranta Squadron’s first anniversary. We have a few things going on to celebrate properly, the biggest of which I’m happy to anounce to you now. Today, the 12th of May 2016, we launch our very own brand new website! It has been built mostly in secret by Redfantom himself. I hope you’ll all find it as beautiful and useful as I think it is. So go check it out:

This does mean that the website you’re reading this on will be deleted. This will occur in 3 weeks time, on Thursday the 2nd of June.

Enjoy your day and stay tuned to the new website for all updates, discussions, and announcements, including some more one-year anniversary surprises :).

Good flying!


This post was originally posted by Pyril on the old website.

Hi everyone!

The One-Year Anniversary of Thranta Squadron is coming up, it’s the 12th of May, and that’s why we’re organizing an event for the 13th of May. That’s the second Friday from today. We know that’s very soon and you won’t have a lot of time to plan it, but we’re still hoping you’ll all be there 🙂 .

It will be a “normal” GSF-event, so no screenshots this time (unless you want to, of course 😉 ). It will be a celebration, and we have some other things planned, but you’ll see that in two weeks!

For now, fly smooth as a Thranta!


Old website

Hi everyone!

Pyril, Yellow and I have been talking about doing an event lately, and C’tun decided for us that it should be an event where “the Ops leader calls the shots”. Thanks C’tun ;). This type of event is one of the ideas Pyril came up with. It means that in every match every player of our guild is supposed to follow the orders of the Ops Leader immediately. Whoever gets in the ops group first (clicks “Enter Now” first) will be the Ops Leader, and can thus order all of us around in that match.

We would like the event to take place around or after Christams, because then most of us have a holiday. However, it’s also a possibility to do the event on a Saturday in the new year, as some kind of new-year-event-all-in-one. Please fill in all dates you’re available in poll in the forum topic so our Secretary, Yellow, can pick a date.

The most fun would be for everyone to come on Mumble (chaos! :D), so we can have a good time without havin to tire our hands too much with typing in ten different conversations ;). We could, of course, use different channels, if we ask Daethyra nicely ;).

Also, having a challenging opponenent would be nice, so we might try to get in touch with Unrelenting or Ghost Squadron. If anyone has any ideas, please share them.

In the meantime, fly smooth as Thranta!

Pyril, Yellow and Red.

Original post date: November 29, 2015

Old website

A good day to everyone!

This announcement is a little late, but it contains great news:

We now have our own guild flagship: the  Indomitable.

This flagship will invade a planet for conquest each week, always one that gives the greatest bonus to GSF, of course :).

However, this flagship still needs a lot of unlocks. Now, for a GSF guild it is of course unacceptable that the hangars are not yet reachable. Therefore, I would like to ask you to choose the Engineering encryptions if you manage to reach the conquest point goal. Afterwards, please donate the encryption to the guild bank so we can make the Indomitable the best place to be for any GSF pilot :).

Good flying and good luck hunting conquest points!


Original post date: November 2, 2015

Old website

Hi everyone!

Great news! We will finally get a guild flagship! If you want to contribute, please deposit some credits in the guild bank before Wednesday evening. We really appreciate all the help you can give!

Jasaq will then, on wednesday evening, add to the amount until we have enough to get the flagship. Thanks in advance, Jasaq!

Flagships also need names, so if you have any suggestions, they are always welcome :).

Good flying!


Original post date: October 25, 2015

Old website


Please fill in the form under ‘recruitment’, even if you’re already a member.

To those who have done so already: Thank you, also on behalf of Yellowbird.

Take those two minutes to fill it in and after that: have fun flying 🙂 !


Original post date: October 20, 2015

Old website

Hi everyone!

Congratulations on the half-year anniversary of Thranta Squadron :)!

If you want to know more about that, read the new forum topic ;).

Have a nice day!


Original post date: October 2, 2015